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Imori (井守 Imori, lit. Newt) or Ōimori (大イモリ Ōimori, lit. Giant Newt) is a giant newt yokai that appeared in the story Imori.



It is the guardian god of Yamatai-koku and is controlled by Himiko. It feeds on young women because of the old and foul tradition to provide young women as sacrifice to the monster.


GeGeGe no Kitarō

After the Kitarō Family time travelled through an ancient well deep in a forest, they wondered into Yamatai-koku. There, they found a girl to be sacrificed to Imori, Nezumi-Otoko and Shisa took the girl and ran. Imori knew this and led countless of minion newts that transformed into small soldiers to take the girl back.

During the fight, Kitarō used his Chanchanko to engulf the electric sphere the newt Yōkai created and absorbed the electricity, making both Imori and the sphere shrink in size. There, an illusion of Himiko appeared on the sphere and admitted her lose. Himiko agreed to stop the cursed tradition and returned the girl, in return that the Kitarō Family must keep the secret of the time traveling well.

Powers and Abilities

Electric Sphere:

Eye Light:

Minion Transformation



  • In their first encounter, Imori was described to be like Godzilla by the Kitarō Family. This and its physical similarities indicate a potential self-homage from Kaijū Raban.