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The Ita-Oni (板鬼 Ita-Oni, lit. Board Demon) is a yōkai.




Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

Ita-Oni was one of the Yōkai Seven Mysteries and was causing the Okuri-Hyōshigi, a mysterious clapping sound. It attacked Kitarō, but was broken apart by Kitarō's Finger Guns.

1985 Anime

It served Momon-Jii and did heinous acts such as a number of Tsujigiri, or crossroad killings. They spread rumors about Otama, a 120-year old house cat who was protecting the house from evil Yōkai and spirits, being the murderer behind these Tsujigiri attacks. Planning to get rid of Otama to gain the house. They captured Nezumi-Otoko who was a detective back then, and killed Otama when the cat protected the house's family from Momon-Jii's hair needles. However, Otama's spirit then turned into an onibi, a fiery hitodama and ignited Ita-Oni, causing the board yokai to panic and collide into Momon-Jii, making both of them gall into a well, drowning to their deaths.

Powers and Abilities

Kitarō VS Itaoni Edo Period 1985.png

Levitation: Ita-Oni is capable of flying in the air by floating.



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