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Itsu-Maden or Itsu-Made (以津真天) is a flying Yōkai that appeared in the 2007 anime.


In the manga, Itsu-Maden's design was more close to the traditional bird-like figures, but had notable differences in general.

In the fifth anime, Itsu-Maden drastically changed its appearance and Medama-Oyaji noted that Itsu-Maden's appearance can vary depends on time and situation.


In Saishinban, it was depicted as a very insistent yōkai.


Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

A boy called Hayashida was looked down from all of his classmates for his low marks on school records. He then asked Itsu-Maden to revenge classmates, and the yōkai devoured all. However, it asked Hayashida's soul and body in return.

When Itsu-Maden battled Kitarō, it was exploded with Kitarō's Yōkai Bomb. However, Itsu-Maden created a small clone of itself with its soul and used it to attack Kitarō. The clone invaded Kitarō's body, but Kitarō's clone attacked it with hair needles, and his snake caught the intruder, making the foe to surrender. Kitarō ordered Itsu-Maden to clean up his body including organs.

2007 Anime


She appeared in episode #12 of the fifth anime adaptation, Ringtone From The Spirit World.


Survival Capability: Itsu-Maden in manga has a strong life force, and he easily survives even when his body was completely shattered.

Soul Manipulation: In manga, Itsu-Maden was able to shape its own soul and move fleely. It can create a smaller division of itself and use it to attack enermy internally.


Itsu-Maden/Itsu-Made's name is a pun to a Japanese word Itsumade, meaning "Till when?" or "How long?".



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