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The Iyake-Mushi (嫌気虫 Iyake-Mushi, lit. Disinclination Bug) are parasitic insects that induce laziness in their hosts.[1]


Iyake-Mushi are small, black circular insects, with a pair of wavy antennae that ends in tiny black circles and their underside consists of several legs. They are able to latch onto hosts and induce them into a state of laziness.[1]


2007 Anime

An Iyake-Mushi chooses Kitarō as its host, refusing to leave and staying on the Yōkai boy's cheek for most of the day. Another Iyake-Mushi resides on Anagura-Nyūdō's face and stays on him even while he is being taken captive by a director. Later, Kitarō tries to rescue Anagura-Nyūdō, where the Iyake-Mushi detects a better host, the director, and transfers to him. This makes the director complacent, making the surrounding Jaki calm and return to the cave with Anagura-Nyūdō and the director peacefully. The two Iyake-Mushi continue to reside on their hosts as Nezumi-Otoko tries to escape the cave, but fails.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Sloth Inducement: Iyake-Mushi can cause their host to become lazy and dull, to the point that they can forget their own names. It may also make a person harmless and greedless, if they are affected by the Jaki.[1]

Enhanced Strength: Their grip is quite strong, that even three wrenches pulling it will not remove it from its host. It will only move on from its current host if it detects a better host.[1]



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