Illustrated Japanese Yokai Encyclopedia

The Illustrated Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia

The Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia (日本妖怪大全, Nihon Yōkai Taizen) is a series of yōkai guidebooks with art and commentary by Shigeru Mizuki that were published by Kodansha. The first book was published in 1991 and featured information on yōkai from all over Japan. A sequel book was published in 1994, and in 2014 a final edition featuring 895 yōkai profiles was released.




  • Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia - KC Deluxe, April 1991
  • Additional Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia (続・日本妖怪大全, Zoku Nihon Yōkai Taizen) - KC Deluxe, November 1994
  • Illustrated Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia (図説 日本妖怪大全, Zusetsu Nihon Yōkai Taizen) - Kodansha + a-Bunko, September 1994
  • Illustrated Japanese Yōkai Databook (図説 日本妖怪大鑑, Zusetsu Nihon Yōkai Taikan) - Kodansha + a-Bunko, July 2007
  • Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia Final Edition: Yōkai, Other Worlds and Gods (決定版 日本妖怪大全 妖怪・あの世・神様, Ketteihan Nihon Yōkai Taizen: Yōkai - Anoyo - Kami-sama) - Kodansha-Bunko, February 2014


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