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Jeeta (ジータ Jeeta) or Jeeda (ジーダ Jeeda) is a Neko-Mata of Porogon Island in Indonesia.


In the manga, Jeeta has light fur and an overall look of an average cat but with two tails as he is a Neko-Mata. He has a short ears, four pairs of whiskers, slit-shaped pupils and a stocky build.

Within the 1971 anime, Jeeta appears as a Siamese cat with white fur that is fluffy around his chest and brown fur that covers his legs, tails, ears and around his eyes as a mask. Being a Neko-Mata his tail is split, though in his case it is split only to the middle. His face has two pairs of whiskers, a black nose and eyes with white sclerae and black pupils.[1]



1971 Anime

Jeeta appears in the seventh episode of the second anime adaptation, Neko-Mata.[1]

Powers and Abilities

In his fight against his fox enemy, seeing Erime to flee, Jeeta made a posture and suddenly the ceiling collapsed. It is unclear whether or not this suicidal attack was indeed Jeeta's ability.

Transformation: Jeeta disguised himself as an old monk.

Feces spiritual protection


  • His actual debut was a separate story from Gegeege no Ktiaro series, and it was later recorded in the Yōbyō Yawa (妖猫夜話, lit. Yōkai Cat Night Tales) in 1996.
  • Even though his name was commonly known as Jeeta, Erime pronounced Jeeta's name as Jeeda (ジーダ Jeeda) and his name was spelled as Jeeda on his tomb in the second anime adaptation.
  • The name of the island Porogon Island (ポロゴン島) also appeared in Shigeru Mizuki's original story Owarai Team (お笑いチーム, lit. Comedy Team).



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