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Jeeta (ジータ Jeeta) or Jeeda (ジーダ Jeeda) is a Neko-Mata of Porogon Island.


In the manga, Jeeta has light fur and an overall look of an average cat but with two tails as he is a Neko-Mata. He has a short ears, four pairs of whiskers, slit-shaped pupils and a stocky build.

Within the 1971 anime, Jeeta appears as a Siamese cat with white fur that is fluffy around his chest and brown fur that covers his legs, tails, ears and around his eyes as a mask. Being a Neko-Mata his tail is split, though in his case it is split only to the middle. His face has two pairs of whiskers, a black nose and eyes with white sclerae and black pupils.[1]



1971 Anime

Jeeta appears in the seventh episode of the second anime adaptation, Neko-Mata.[1]

Powers and Abilities

In his fight against his fox enemy, seeing Erime to flee, Jeeta made a posture and suddenly the ceiling collapsed. It is unclear whether or not this suicidal attack was indeed Jeeta's ability.

Transformation: Jeeta disguised himself as an old monk.

Feces spiritual protection


  • His actual debut was a separate story from Gegeege no Ktiaro series, and it was later recorded in the Yōbyō Yawa (妖猫夜話, lit. Yōkai Cat Night Tales) in 1996.
  • Even though his name was commonly known as Jeeta, Erime pronounced Jeeta's name as Jeeda and his name was spelled as Jeeda on his tomb in the second anime adaptation.
  • The name of the island Porogon Island (ポロゴン島) also appeared in Shigeru Mizuki's original story Owarai Team (お笑いチーム, lit. Comedy Team).



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