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Jigoku no Banken (地獄の番犬, lit. Hell Guard Dog) is a large dog resides in the jigoku.


In the manga, the Honō no Ha wo Motsu Inu (炎の歯を持つ犬, lit. "Dog with flame teeth") appeared in the Kitarō no Jigoku Meguri. Only a head of the dog, which is slightly thinner than in the third anime, could be seen.




Dog with flame fangs very briefly appeared in the Kitarō no Jigoku Meguri along with dragon-like serpents and birds of hell, one of them is similar to a Bake-Garasu. The dog was seen breathing fire and biting the deads with its fiery fangs.

1985 Anime

It appeared in episode #39 Datsue-Babaa of Sanzu River as a trump card of Datsui-Babaa. It was controlled by Datsui-Babaa and attacked and tried to devour the Kitarō Family and others. As Kitarō knew that they won't survive against it, Medama-Oyaji asked Sunakake-Babaa to call a help to Enma-Daiō. But the dog was too agile to pass, and Neko-Musume went instead. Then an oni saved Neko-Musume at peril and gave her a needle and advised her to break Datsui-Babaa's temari handball named Banyū Jizai-Dama which she stole from Enma-Daiō. Seeing off Neko-Musume, the oni instead went to Enma-Daiō. Neko-Musume then managed to break the handball, making the antagonist powerless and the dog to flee. Then Enma-Daiō appeared and reincarnated Datsui-Babaa into the human world as a punishment.

Powers and Abilities

It is a powerful being that Kitarō instantly knew that he can't win against it. Datsui-Babaa can control it with Enma-Daiō's Banyū Jizai-Dama (万有自在玉, lit. "All thing controllable freely ball") and her song.

Fire breath: In the manga and the third anime, Jigoku no Banken breathed flames which was purple and yellow colored flames in the anime.

Flame fangs: In the manga, the Dog with flame fangs are said to have flame fangs.

Fangs: In the third anime, Jigoku no Banken was able to shatter Konaki-Jijii in stone mode with a single bite.

Fighting capability: Sunakake-Babaa's hair machine-gun had little or no effect on it. It can dodge and grab Kitarō's Yōkai Ocarina's whip and throws Kitarō instead, and Kitarō's Chanchanko can't hold the dog for long.


  • Hell Dog appeared in the third anime has also been called "Cerberus",[1] but the actual Cerberus, one appeared in Series 5 Episode 99, resides within the western hell and is drastically different in the appearance.



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