The Jinmenken (人面犬 Jinmenken, lit. Man-Faced Dog) is a dog yōkai with the face of a man, he is one of the Seven School Mysteries of Mana's school, living in the connecting corridor.[1]


The Jinmenken resembles a small dog with a gray fur coat, but has the face of a man with a toothbrush mustache. He has floppy ears, a fluffy tail and a small cowlick. His eyebrows and mustache are black and his eyes have gold irises and black pupils.[1]


Not much is known about the Jinmenken, he does however have a bit of mischief as he laughs at night to prank the humans of the school.[1]


2018 Anime

He appeared in the episode ten of the sixth anime, Vanishing! The Seven School Mysteries. He along with the other seven mysteries were captured by Yōsuke-kun when he believed that they were after Hanako-san, and were hung up in the gymnasium. After Yōsuke-kun was defeated, he is rescued and returns back to his corridor.[1]


The Jinmenken is a common Japanese urban legend, they are dogs with human faces that supposedly appear at night in urban areas and run at extremely high speeds along highways. They are capable of speech, but most reports say that they will either ask to be left alone or will be rude. Unlike most Japanese urban legends, they are not widely known to kill those unlucky enough to meet them. They are said to be escaped scientific experiments or the spirits of road crash victims.



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