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Jirōmaru (次郎丸 Jirōmaru) is a Kappa that appears in the 2018 anime adaptation.[1]


Jirōmaru has the appearance of an average kappa, having light green skin with light yellow patches on his stomach area and around his beak-like mouth, pointy ears and webbed hands. On top of his head is a glossy light blue plates surrounded by short green hair. He has thin green eyebrows over his eyes, which have black pupils and does not appear to have discernible sclerae. His shell on his back has a green and light green camouflage pattern, with light brown marginal scutes for its edges. Like his fellow kappas he wears only a vest, his being light yellow in color. While working in Gōhara's company, he wore a long-sleeved light yellow suit, a white collared shirt underneath it, no pants, a red tie and a pair of circle-framed glasses.[1]



2018 Anime

Jirōmaru appears in episode nine of the sixth anime adaptation, The Kappas' Work Reform.[1]

Four Generals of Jigoku Arc

Jirōmaru and the kappas of Tono Mountain aid Kitarō and friends in revealing the grave of Chihaya, the lover of Ibukimaru. Together they swim in the lake, creating a vortex that shows the Kidō the grave and allowing him to let his lover rest in peace.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Shirikodama Theft: Just like his fellow kappas, Jirōmaru is able to steal a person's shirikodama, making them lethargic and lazy, as well being able to return someone's shirikodama.[1]



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