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Jubboko (樹木子 Jubboko, lit. Tree Child) is a vampiric-tree yōkai that sucks the blood from humans.[1]


Jubboko appears to be a tall leafless tree, that is blood red and the trunk appears to be very veiny and becomes thinner by the top. It has a mouth with light brown lips, while the branches jut out by the sides.[1]



2007 Anime

Jubokko's Introductory Art

Jubokko appeared in episode #67 of the fifth anime adaptation, Bloodsucking Tree! Jubokko. In that episode, it was sealed away with the help of Aobōzu.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Jubokko appear as normal trees, almost indistinguishable from the surrounding trees. They are often found on fields of war or sites of massacres, where the blood of those who died there saturate the soil. They were normal trees before absorbing the blood from the soil, where they now only thirst for human blood. They wait for humans to pass under their branches, attacking their targets. They then snatch them with their long, finger-like branches and bring them into their boughs, where they then pierce into their skin to drain their blood with special tube-like twigs. The flesh and organs of the body are consumed by birds, insects, and other animals, with the dry bones falling to the ground. The bone pile at the base of the trees is an indicator of its previous victims.[2]

It is suspected by a group of yokai researchers, consisting of Natsuhiko Kyougoku, Katsumi Tada, and Kenji Murakami, that the Jubokko is an invention of Shigeru Mizuki since they could not find traces of the vampiric plant in folklore records, legends, and old literature. However, they could not find the actual source because of Mizuki's secretiveness with his own sources.


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