Junko Inuyama (犬山 純子, Inuyama Junko) is Mana Inuyama's mother. She appears in the 2018 anime.



Junko is a kind and caring mother, who loves her daughter and husband. She's also confident in her husband's .[1]


Sixth Anime

Episode Eight: She first appears in the eighth episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Menace! Kagami-Jijii's Plot. After school Mana comes home and greets her mother, noting that she is home early. Junko greets her and back and informs her that she is going on a business trip day, also telling her that she is cooking her favorite, burger steak, for dinner and asks her to wash her hands to which she happily obliges. When Mana comes home the next day, she frantically calls for her help as something is after her, but forgets that she was on a business trip.[2]

Episode 11 & 12: When a second moon floats above Tokyo Bay, news of it starts to spread. She worries, wondering what to do, but finds her daughter occupied with the inability to send messages. Mana telling her that she is worried about her dad, which Junko is is not as she is confident in her husband. Suddenly the network is hijacked by the 808 Tanuki, as they warn that things will just be worse. Later she and her husband join other people as they are being evacuated when Mana comes to them, both worried about her, as all three head to the evacuation center together. Later the 808 Tanuki managed to takeover Japan's government and instilled their rule.[1] As more and more people are being arrested for being anti-tanuki, Junko warns her husband to be careful in his workplace, as he also warns her. They begin to argue, until Mana exclaims that it is the tanuki's fault, who they both shush her. After the 808 Tanuki were defeated, things return back to normal.[3]

Episode 18:


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