Kōsei Tomita (富田 耕生, Tomita Kōsei), born Kōkichi Tomita (富田 耕吉, Tomita Kōkichi) on February 4, 1936, is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo. In Japan, he is probably best known for voicing the character Higeoyaji (Mr. Mustachio) in several adaptations of Osamu Tezuka's works, including the 2003 Astro Boy, the film Metropolis, and the Black Jack TV anime.

He has voiced several characters in the GeGeGe no Kitarō anime franchise, most notably in the 1968 series where he briefly voiced Konaki-Jijii, Ittan-Momen and Nurikabe, as well as voicing Shigeru Mizuki himself. He also voiced Nurikabe in the Shigeru Mizuki 80th Anniversary video games.

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