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Kabukiri-Kozō (かぶきり小僧 Kabukiri-Kozō, lit. Stump Cutting Boy) is a human-like yōkai.


Kabukiri-Kozō has the appearance of a young boy with a round head, slightly pointy ears, fair skin, black hair that is styled in a bowl cut, and has a pouting expression. His eyes are circular with black pupils with pink blush marks below and thin eyebrows above. He wears a gray boy's kimono with thin dark gray and thick blue stripes patterned together, an orange obi, and a pair of zōri sandals with orange laces.



2007 Anime


He is one of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and represents Chiba Prefecture. He appears in GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!

Due to the fifth anime adaptation's sudden cancellation at 100 episodes, he is among the 23 Yōkai Warriors that were not revealed aside from the movie.

Powers and Abilities


Kabukiri-Kozō are relatively harmless yōkai, appearing on mountain roads at night in the Shimōsa region. They are said to have a short, bob-like haircut resembling that of a Kappa's, but these yōkai have no relation to each other. If they spot a traveler, Kabukiri-Kozō are said to chant "Drink water, drink tea!" at the passerby. They are believed to have some relation to the Mujina.[1][2]



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