Kage-Onna (影女 Kage-Onna) is a female yōkai.


In the second anime, Kage-Onna appears as a woman with turquoise skin and long navy blue hair that reaches past her waist. Her eyes have white sclerae with usually small, black pupils and her mouth has a white tongue with her inner cheeks being gray. She wears a pink kimono, with white underneath it, that turns into a wispy tail and around her waist is a magenta obi.[1]

In the fourth anime, Kage-Onna appears as a being composed of darkness, resembling a woman with with black skin, long black hair and red, pupil-less eyes. She wears a black kimono and a matching obi, her body and clothes are highlighted with purple.[2]




Kage-Onna appeared in the non-Kitarō story Yōkai Mansion.

Second Anime

Kage-Onna appeared in episode 36 of the second anime adaptation, Yōkai Mansion.[1]

Fourth Anime

Kage-Onna appeared in episode 100 of the fourth anime adaption, Invitation in the Dark: Yōkai Kage-Onna.[2]



Kage-Onna appeared in the Konjaku Hyakki Shūi by Toriyama Sekien. In which, Kage-Onna is described to be a female yōkai, who appears as a woman's shadow cast on shōji by moonlight in a house where mononoke live in Yamagata prefecture.


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