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Kagewani (影鰐 or カゲワニ lit. Shadow Crocodile or Shadow Shark) is a water yōkai. Wanizame (鰐鮫 or ワニザメ, lit. Crocodile Shark or Shark Shark) is regarded as a type of Kagewani.


It is a shadow-only being with lower body of shark and upper body of crocodile-like reptilian.



It has been sealed within a tomb on shore, but the sealing stone was destroyed by someone and Kagewani was freed. It fed on swimmers' shadows and caused them to be in comma. It gave Kitarō and others a tough fight due to its shadow nature, but Neko-Musume figured out its weakness and Kitarō broke its jaws with shadows of Geta, and Nurikabe dropped the sealing stone on it, and re-sealed it.

Powers and Abilities

Shadow-Devouring: It feeds on one's shadows and kill the targets. However, it cannot feed on shadows under bigger shadows of bigger objects.

Shadow Body: It is immune to any physical attacks, but can be attacked with shadows of weapons.


Isonade Illustration

Kagewani and Wanizame are often confused with Isonade.