Kahaku (花魄 Kahaku) is a Yōkai from New Guinea.[1]


Kahaku resembles a large flower, with six purple petals, with light marks that surrounds the center, which contains a mass of white tendrils. Below the flower are seven red tentacles that have small bumps around it.[1]



2007 Anime

Kahaku appears in episode #96 of the fifth anime adaptation, Strange Romance! The Yōka's Invitation.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Hua-po (花魄 Hua-po) is a type of tree spirit from China. It is said that when three or more people hang themselves by a tree, it is born with the regrets of the suicide victims. It is palm-sized, resembling a beautiful woman with white skin, and is said to sound like a parakeet. It will dry out if left unattended, but will be fully restored when water is poured on it.



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