Kai (カイ Kai) is a human-like yōkai that appears in the 2007 anime. He is Miu's little brother.


Kai is a young man with short azure hair, with the exception of two long locks that are similar to tentacles, fair skin, and gills on the side of his neck. He wears a pale lime tunic with a green-colored sleeved vest over it, a pale blue belt around his waist, beige baggy pants, and brown shoes.



2007 Anime

Kai, Miu, and Kitarō 12 years prior to the current event.

He appears along with his sister in episode #32 of the fifth anime adaptation, Landing! The Threat of Western Yōkai.

Powers and Abilities

Underwater Breathing: As a member of the Amami Tribe, Kai has gills on his neck, allowing him able to breathe normally underwater.

Expert Swimmer: Kai has shown himself to be a very capable swimmer, being able to swim across the sea using dolphin kicks along while he was severely wounded.



Kai's name is likely from "Ocean" in Japanese; as the kanji can be read as "Kai" or "Umi".



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