Kaiki Neko-Musume (怪奇猫娘, The Mysterious Neko-Musume) is a rental manga written and illustrated by Shigeru Mizuki (credited as Shinichirō Higashi).


A poor couple is introduced. The wife is preparing for the birth of her baby scheduled for next day, however, her troubled husband does not have a penny to support the family. He decides to kill a black cat to sell his fur, but upon returning home, he finds his wife dead on the floor. Upon burying her, he realizes that his wife, even dead, went into labor and her baby is born crawling out of the grave. The husband sees it's a girl, give her the name Midori and takes to create it.

However, Midori is different from an ordinary child. To smell a fish, it gains a frightening expression, similar to a cat. Midori starts attending school and during lunch, turns into a bake-neko to smell a fish that a kid in front of you is eating.

Since then, Midori is repressed by their neighbors and acquaintances because of their condition. She is kidnapped by a circus owner who learned about her curse and makes it part of her show. Midori manages to escape by turning into bake-neko and killing the circus owner. She is chased by the authorities and kills anyone who tries to capture her.

Desperate, she goes up the chimney of a public toilet. Midori no longer sees an escape and accepts that she will die, but a horde of crows appears and takes her away. After the incident, Midori was never seen again.




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