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Kakutanjū (角端獣 Kakutanjū, lit. Horned Beast) is a Chinese yōkai that serves Qi.[1]


Kakutanju is a somewhat equine being, with dark, red-brown skin, two pointy ears, a wild orange mane that stretches to its back and tail, white eyes with small black pupils, and a gold horn with five rings. Curvy orange marks appear over its face, and the front of its neck. Its mouth has a green tongue and and rows of sharp white teeth on both jaws. The feet ends with three toes each and the front legs have five strips.[1]



1985 Anime

Kakutanjū appeared in the third movie based on the third anime adaptation, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Saikyō Yōkai Gundan! Nippon Jōriku!!.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Durability: Kakutanjū has shown to be unfazed by Kamaitachi's cutting whirlwind, showing no physical scratches.[1]

Enhanced Strength: It has displayed considerable physical strength, as it is capable of overwhelming a number of Japanese yōkai by itself.[1]


In Mizuki's book, the Kakutanju is introduced as a holy beast and a subspecies of the Qilin. Kakutanjū's name is composed of "Horn" (角, Tsuno) and "Holy Beast" (瑞獣, Zuijū).



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