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Kame-hime (亀姫 Kame-hime,lit. Turtle Princess) is the master of Inawashiro Castle and the sister of Osakabe-hime.




2007 Anime

She is the 22nd of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and represents Fukushima Prefecture. Along with her sister, Osakabe-hime, Kame-hime appears and becomes one of the 47 Yōkai warriors in episode #99 of the fifth anime adaptation, City Castle Tower! Yōkai Kame-hime.

Kame-hime somehow obtained and keeps Cerberus as a pet.

Powers and Abilities

In the fifth series, the sibling is noted to be "higher than yōkai" and their spiritual powers are on completely different level than normal yōkai. It is easy for them to cause large-scale disasters such as to vanish an island, to cause massive tornadoes, to transport the whole water of lake Biwako the largest lake in Japan. and to take human souls of an entire city.


Kame-hime is a spirit who resides in Inawashiro Castle, located in Fukashima Prefecture, and is said to be the younger sister Osakabe-hime. She is a reclusive spirit, having her servants communicate with humans in her place. Her name comes from the nickname of the Inawashiro Castle: Kame shiro meaning "Turtle Castle". One legends tells about the chamberlain who was haunted in Inawashiro and was later found dead, the summer of that, an Ōnyudo was cut down near the rice fields, which was actually a large Mujina. After this the strange occurrences stopped, seemingly indicating that Kame-hime was really a mujina or a product of it. Inawashiro Castle was destroyed in 1868 during the Bōshin War, where only the stone foundations remain today.[1]



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