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Kamikiri (かみきり, Hair cutter) is a yōkai friend of Kitarō's who lives at the Yōkai Apartments. He first appeared in the Shonen Sunday story Kamanari.

Kuro-Kamikiri is a subspecies of Kamikiri.


Kamikiri has a crow-like face and mane of hair that makes his head resemble a sunflower. He has scissor-like pincers for hands.


Like many of the supporting cast of the Sunday run, Kamikiri was essentially a glorified mob character.
In Phantom Train, he helps Medama-Oyaji capture the vampiric Kitarō and Nezumi-Otoko with a "numbing net" and pulls them onto the train.  In Kitarō Kunitori Monogatari, he worked with Neko-Musume and Kasa-Bake to chop down the vampire flower Raglesia.

1985 Anime

He appeared in episode #64 of the third anime. Ittan-Momen flew him in to cut the spider web threads Kitarō was trapped in.

1996 Anime

In episode #40 of the fourth anime, he takes part in the relay race at the Yōkai Sports Meet, finishing second behind Yagyō-san.

Powers and Abilities


The Kamikiri is a yōkai said that's said to sneak up on people and cut their hair.

The Amikiri's design is said to be based on Kamikiri.


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