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Kanadama or Kanedama (金霊 Kanadama, lit. Money Spirit) is a gold coin Yōkai.[1]


Kanadama is a giant gold coin, with no design on either side of its body. It has a plain edge and its sides have reflective surfaces, giving it a brilliant gleam with small sparkles and several highlights.[1]



Third Anime

Kanadama appears in episode #65 of the third anime adaptation, Yōkai Hyakume: The Cruise to Hell. Kanadama is called by Kitarō with the use of his Yōkai Ocarina. Kanadama lets him ride itself to chase after Hyakume. It shines brightly in order to blind Hyakume, allowing Kitarō to get close enough to poke a hole in the inflated Hyakume, defeating him.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Levitation: Kanadama is able to float in the air, as well as to soar rather fast even with someone riding it.[1]


In some legends Kanadama is portrayed as a yōkai that brings wealth to those that do good, while it has also been portrayed as a yōkai that turns (or has been) greedy and carries away money. Some depictions give it a form as a humanoid figure giving coins or as a living coin.


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