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Kasha (火車 Kasha, lit. Fire Cart) is a cat-like yokai who steals corpses and eats them.


Within the 2007 anime, Kasha is a large anthropomorphic cat-like yōkai, with a lean build, light red fur, and a yellow underside. His lilac hair covers around his head, forming sideburns and a beard. He has bushy lilac eyebrows over his eyes with yellow sclerae and thin red pupils. He also has feathery ears, a small pointy nose, a mouth with sharp white teeth, light red claws, and a long lilac, hair-like tail that ends in a constantly burning fire.[1]

In the 2018 anime, Kasha resembles a bipedal cat with green fur covering his body with a light-yellow underside. His hair around his head is red, with matching sideburns and beard, his maroon bushy eyebrows sit above his eyes that have yellow sclerae and thin red pupils. He has feathery ears, a big round nose, green claws, and a long tail that ends in a constant fire. In his youth, he had a more lean build and a mouth filled with sharp white teeth. However, in the modern days, he has become frail, his face gaining more wrinkles, a few strands of hair stand out and his mouth has less teeth.[2]


Kasha is a brash individual, being very loud, easily angered, and tends to be very emotional. His favorite food is mochi.


Shonen Sunday

1971 Anime

He appears in episode #23 of the second anime adaptation, Reverse Mochi Murder.

1985 Anime

He appears in the fourth movie based on the third anime adaptation, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Gekitotsu!! Ijigen Yōkai no Dai-Hanran!!.

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

Kasha appears in episode #90 of the fifth anime adaptation, New Year's Great Rampage! Kitarō-Kasha.[1] He's one of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and the representative of Shimane. His mark is located on his chest.

2018 Anime

Kasha appears in episode #38 of the sixth anime adaptation, New Year's Cannibal Mystery Kasha.[2]

Powers and Abilities


In the manga and the 1971 anime, Kasha is considered to be one of many extremely powerful yōkai that Medama-Oyaji stated Kitarō would be overwhelmed.

Fire Manipulation: Kasha is able to generate and manipulate fire to, most prominently from his tail that's constantly burning. He also uses the fire from his tail for cooking.[2]

Body Swapping : Kasha is able to switch bodies with whoever he wants. The method is different between anime and manga. In the 2018 anime, he does so by grasping the hand of the other person.[2]

Enhanced Agility: In his youth, Kasha was able to jump from building to building with great ease.[2]

Enhanced Strength: Kasha is able to carry a human corpse with relative ease and is not burdened when carrying it while jumping.[2]

Rei-Denki (霊電気 Rei-Denki, lit. spirit electricity): In the manga and the 1971 anime, he, just like Kitarō, can shoot electricity in a manner similar to laser beams, from his fingers.

Hell Ice: In Mizuki's book, Kasha contains ice from Jigoku within his body and he can shoot it as fragments from his mouth.

Wind Breath: In Mizuki's book, Kasha can emit wind produced by a combination of his fire and ice fragments.

Hell Flame: Under permission by Enma-Daiō, he attains a hell flame which would be never extinguished until his task to collect deads are accomplished.

Former Powers and Abilities

Hair Manipulation: While in Kitarō's body, Kasha has access to the Yōkai boy's powers, such as his various hair techniques.

  • Yōkai Antenna (妖怪アンテナ Yōkai Antenna): He is able to use his hair to detect the presence of Yōkai. However, he is unskilled, having difficulty in using the right hair strand and later needing Kitarō's help to properly use it.[1]


Whirl Cloud: In Mizuki's book, Kasha has a whirlwind-like cloud he can rides on.

Kine and Usu: Kasha owns a wooden mortar called an "Usu" with a pestle called a "kine" that he uses to make mochi. He uses this to mix Medama-Oyaji into a batch of mochi to eat him.[2] In the 1996 anime, Kasha uses this to mix human souls into mochi to eat, preventing them from resting in peace.


The Kasha of Japanese legend is a cannibalistic, cat-like spirit entity that is found near crematoriums and tries to feed off human corpses. In order to ward off the kasha, families make loud noises with bells, gongs, and drums to maintain a vigil over the bodies of the departed ones. In many cases, their true identity of the kasha is actually a Neko-Mata.



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