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Kashabo (カシャボ Kashabo) is a Yōkai who appeared in the 1996 anime.




1996 Anime

When Kitarō was infected with Iyami's Laugh poison, Sunakake-Babaa suggested to Medama-Oyaji that they should visit Kashabo on Konpira Island (金毘羅島 Konpira Tō), the very southern end of Japan, to gain his permission to use the scared Spring of Kiyomi (清めの泉 Kiyome no Izumi, lit. "Spring of Cleaning"). Kashabo permitted them to use the spring and instructed them on how to use it.



Kashabo or Kashambo is either of three things, a form of Kappa who chose to live within mountains during winter, an entirely different species of yōkai like the Yama-Uba, or a transformation of otters in the Wakayama Prefecture. They are odd little beings, about the size of a six or seven year old child, with heads shaped like poppy buds and wearing blue travelling robes.

The Kashabo is mostly considered a form of Kappa because local legends in the Wakayama prefecture, say that Kappas have two forms. During summer they are called Goura, Gōrai, Gorambo, or Gorai-Hōshi and live in the rivers. When autumn comes they climb the mountains for the winter and become Kashabo. In some areas, the legends of the Ippon-Datara is mixed with the legends of Kashabo's legend. Among the speculation of its etymology, some say that it originates from Kasha. Because of this Mizuki has also included the Kashabo as a subspecies of Kappa.



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