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The Kawa-Otoko (川男 Kawa-Otoko, lit. River Man) are a pair Yōkai men that spend their time near the rivers.


The Kawa-Otoko are a pair of yōkai that resemble middle-age men, with long straight black hair that reaches their backs. They appear to be wearing striped green skinsuits, with short fins protruding from their elbows and thighs. The two are always seen in their sitting position, with their hands over their knees. The two are nearly identical, with the only differences being their height, the left one being slightly taller, and the amount of facial hair they have. The left one sports a full grown beard and mustache while the right one has several stubs of hair on his chin.


The two are rather stoic and dull, rarely showing any emotions, even when conversing with one another. The two are only ever sitting by a river, often having brief discussion about recent events.


2007 Anime


Kawa-Otoko appear in episode #42 of the fifth anime adaption, Yōkai of Obebe Swamp Kawauso!.

Powers and Abilities


Kawa-Otoko are docile Yōkai, often appearing in pairs, that live along the river banks high in the mountain. They are not aggressive Yōkai and have a rather quiet nature, mostly just staying beside each other by the riverbanks and appear to tell stories to each other. Categorizing them is rather difficult for folklorists, for a number of reasons. By their name and tall height, they may be related to Yama-Otoko. They may also be related to Kappa and Kawa-hime, though, unlike their fellow river spirits, they are very docile and don't harm humans. They may also be a kind of Mōryō because they live high in the mountains.[1]



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