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Kazuki is a boy who was one of the children kidnapped to be sacrifices for the Yōkai Castle in the 2018 anime.[1]


Kazuki is a young boy with fair skin, blue eyes, and short, messy black hair. His outfit consists of a blue, long-sleeved sweater with a large light blue stripe on the front, dark blue pants, and red shoes with white laces. Additionally, he has a brown backpack.[1]


Kazuki thinks realistically since he presumes that the event his parents are going to will have traffic restrictions. He starts tearing up when he is stuck in the helpless position of sinking into the ground.[1]


2018 Anime

Kazuki and his friend walking

Kazuki and his friend walk together after school, passing by a construction site. His friend complains about the construction, wishing for it to be finished already. Though he notes that once the event starts there will be traffic restrictions. He counters his friend's argument of watching the event on television instead, as his parents say they are definitely going. He notices a large shadow going over him and looks behind, where he is encased with blue phlegm that quickly turns into concrete. He starts sinking into the ground, failing to get his friend's attention before he is fully submerged. He becomes one of the 13 sacrifices for the Yōkai Castle, trapped within a pillar and crying for help. Later after Kitarō defeats the three Yokai Castle members, Kazuki and the other children are freed from their stone prison and are taken care of at a hospital.[1]



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