Kihatsu (鬼髪 Kihatsu, lit. Hair Demon) is a hair yōkai.


Kihatsu appears as a mass of long white hair, with a separate area of hair that acts as normal hair on her head. Her head hair is long and wavy and it parts above her left eye, which has a light yellow sclera with a tiny black pupil, while also covering her right eye. On the sides of her head are a pair of horns that curve and spiral upward, both entirely made of hair.[1]



Fourth Anime

Kihatsu first appears in episode #112 of the fourth anime adaptation, Yōkai Kihatsu and Kuro-Kamikiri.[1]

Fifth Anime

While originally portrayed as a single Kihatsu, the fifth anime introduces two separate Kihatsu that were referred to as Kuro-Kihatsu and Shiro-Kihatsu. These two appeared in episode #37 of the fifth adaptation, Kitarō Defeated! Hatred of Kihatsu.


Hair Absorption: Kihatsu is able to absorb beings into her body, becoming stronger with every additional person.[1]

Enhanced Agility: She is also capable of jumping to great heights.[1]


Kihatsu are told to be yōkai born from emotions revolving the events of one's hair. Kihatsu are usually depicted being born bearing a grudge after one's hair was unwillingly tainted or cut.


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