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Kijin (鬼神 Kishin, lit. Demon God) are Oni with a remarkable strength.[1]


Not much is known about the Kijin, other than that they have very muscular arms with bands and long sharp nails. They come in numerous colors, such as dark purple with red.[1]


2018 Anime

At some point, a Kijin was confronted by Rei Isurugi, who killed them and absorbed their soul.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: They possess a high degree of physical strength, being capable of knocking a target with enough force to cause a crater to form. Rei also states they are able to crush a person's skull with ease.[1]

Claws: The Kijin's nails are long and sharp, making them similar to claws. They are exceptionally sharp, capable of piercing through the Nue's thick hide[1] and can cut through metal pipes.[2]


Kijin or Kishin are Oni that are so powerful and so violent that they are considered both demon (鬼 ki) and god (神 jin). Kijin are also fierce deities in Shinto and Buddhism, there are a variety of types, such as Yasha and Asura. They are both worshiped as benevolent gods and feared as wrathful demons. They are also known as Onigami. In Tantric Buddhism, they are considered to be fierce and terrifying forms of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas themselves. Enlightened beings may take on these forms in order to protect and aid confused sentient beings. Rakshasa is regarded as another type Kijin in Hinduism and Buddhism.

While many Yōkai legends of Korea were lost during the Japanese occupation by mingling with Japanese legends of Oni, the Gwisin, which has the same characters in Hanja, was one of the fewer to be preserved. Though the term is used to refer to a type of spirit or ghost in Korean folklore, where they are considered similar to a Yogoe (Korean: 요괴), and Mamul (Korean: 마물); being people who have died and not monsters or creatures.

In Mizuki's books, Kijin are treated as either evil spirits, transformations, or illusions of serpents living in temples. The illustration above is about a scene of a legend of Tōdai-ji temple where serpents are re-enacting a scene of gods and Kijin fighting against dragons and reptilian demons to a monk.[3][4]

Among Mizuki's works, Hōsōshi and Sankichi-Oni are occasionally considered as a type of Kijin.


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