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Kinu-Tanuki (絹たぬき Kinu-Tanuki, lit. Silk-Tanuki) is a Tanuki and a resident of Yōkai Yokochō and the owner of his own fabric store.[1]


Kinu-Tanuki has bright brown fur with a patch of tan fur around his face, a fluffy tail, dark brown ears with a pink interior, a snout with two pairs of whiskers, a red nose and white teeth. His eyes have white sclerae, orange irises and black pupils, around them are dark brown marks and above are a pair of bushy eyebrows. He wears a purple headdress tied with a white cord, a lavender kimono with a green obi and dull gold obijime and a black cape.



2007 Anime

He appears in episode #38 of the 2007 anime adaptation, Nezumi-Otoko Becomes A Daddy.[1]


The Kinu-Tanuki was invented by Toriyama Sekien for his book Hyakki tsurezure bukuro. The Kinu-Tanuki are silk products that sprout heads, feet, and tails which resemble those of tanuki. It is unclear if they are tanuki disguised as silk, or pieces of silk which have become tsukumogami and taken the form of tanuki.



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