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Kitsune, often called either Bake-Gitsune (化け狐, lit. monster/transforming fox) or Henge-Gitsune (変化狐, lit (Supernaturally) transforming fox) or Yōkai-Gitsune (妖怪狐) or Yōko (妖狐, lit. yōkai fox) are yōkai foxes.


Fox Families 96 EP51

Kitsunes from 4th Anime

Hakusanbō's Yōko appeared in the form of humans with long silver hair, either straight of fuzzy, with two locks hanging in front of them. Their faces are covered with white fox masks that is tied around with string. They wear pale green yukatas with blue obi tied around their waists and sandals.[1]




Throughout the series, they have used various magical or supernatural abilities.

Shapeshifting: The general ability of the kitsune is the ability to shapeshift, similar to that of the tanuki. Yako yet cannot perform transformations.

Fox Fire (狐火 Kitsunebi): The Kitsune can produce floating fireballs which can also be used as an attack.[2]


List of yōkai foxes



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