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Kojirō (小次郎 Kojirō) is a Karasu-Tengu from Mt. Daisen's tribe that appears in the 2018 anime adaptation.


Kojirō is a young Karasu-Tengu, who has tan feathers, slightly pointy ears, a large gray beak and a pair of black wings. He is noticeably more leaner than his fellow tribe members. He has a pair of eyes with red irises, thick black eyebrows above them and short light-brown hair that reaches his neck with the ends slightly pointing upward.

He wears a white suzukake under an orange hanten with four white yui-gesa over it, black tekō around his hands and a black tokin tied with red string. For his pants he wears a pair of red tattsuke-bakama, black kyahan, white tabi and brown geta with red straps.[1]


Kojirō is a meek, friendly teen-aged Yōkai, being full of enthusiasm for life and has a lower attention span than the rest of his tribe. While the rest of his tribe is content to live secretly, watching humanity from afar, Kojirō yearns for friends and meeting new people. Because of this, he easily falls in love with Mana Inuyama, the first human he meets.[1]

Kojirō's absentmindedness is described by the Elder Karasu-Tengu as his main flaw, as it impairs his ability to learn: however his main strength is his all-loving heart. When Kojirō acts to defend his friends and the people he loves, he overcomes his flaws showing a serious, focused side of his personality.[2]

Among his various merits however Kojirō is a friendly, selfless individual, willing to push his self-doubts aside and strive to be a better person to protect anyone and help those in need.


2018 Anime

At Mt. Daisen, Kojirō saves a young girl named Mana after she slipped on the mountain path. He introduces himself, asking her and her friends to keep this rescue a secret and takes them to his tribe. He disappears along with his tribe after the Elder tells them of Kani-Bōzu. He decides to help them, even if he would get scolded by the Elder, telling them that the sacred waters of Daisen could work. He shows them a spring of Daisen and samples some water in a bamboo container. They fly to Shōji's house and test the water on him, which successfully restore him. They plan to get more water from Daisen with the help of the townspeople, but they are soon found by Kani-Bōzu. He watches as Sunakake-Babaa tries to get him to realize his princess is no longer alive, but he transforms into a giant crab and goes on a rampage. He tells Mana and her uncle to stay there, as he and Sunakake-Babaa attempt to stop the crab Yōkai. He watches as Kani-Bōzu gives out his last request as he foams himself, to be with his princess in the town where she rests. Later after the townspeople placed statues of Kani-Bozu's princess and other Yōkai, he views the town with his telescope, but the Elder tells him that getting involved with humans is fine, but warns him to to not end up like Kani-Bozu.[1]

Episode 32: He makes a second appearance in Akuma Belial: The Hundred-Year Grudge. Apparently, Kojirō never got to learn his lesson, as his crush for Mana is now all-encompassing, and affecting his ability to focus and complete his training as a Karasu-Tengu, causing him to be scolded by the Elder for failing to activate his levitation ability and the Shingan Kaijōe, the ability to perceive illusions. While he's flying on the top of his favourite peak to relieve some stress, he happens to meet Agnès and Mana Inuyama flying to Sakaiminato on Agnès' broom, wishing to visit Sakaiminato. Agnès catches on Kojirō's feeling, and leaves Mana to him, with the double intent to seek alone for the Ring of Arcana and give Kojirō time to confess. Kojirō clumsily displays his powers to Mana, and as he tries to dispel a cloud of mist, he knocks off the Yasakari Sphere, an ancient sigil where the Elder Karasu-Tenug sealed the powers of the Portoguese Yōkai Belial, who once tried to take advantage of the Meiji Restoration bringing ruination and disasters in Japan. The now restored Belial seals the whole Karasu-Tengu tribe underground, sinking their village, and savagely mocks and beats up Kojirō, thanking him for his unwilling help but cruelly taunting him, before being summoned by Backbeard to get the Ring of Arcana and join his alliance. Mana, using the words she had earlier read on a romantic manga, claims that as long as Kojirō has someone to love (she's unaware of being the object of his crush), the Power of Love will help him overcome everything. Kojirō, with his faith in his abilities restored, flies to help Kitarō against Belial, using the Shingan Kaijōe to find his weak point and his bō staff to keep him pinned to the ground while Kitarō slays him. After Agnès restores the Karasu-Tengu village, a still repentant Kojirō is finally praised by his elders, who agree that the Power of Love must be his greatest asset, as he had shown the potental to surpass his brethen by saving them all.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Wind Manipulation: As most Karasu-Tengu Kojirō is able to manipulate the winds to do his bidding, as carrying and dispelling clouds and poisonous gases and knock objects away.[1][2]

Flight: Being a Karasu-Tengu, Kojirō owns a pair of wings that allow him to fly with great speed and maneuverability.[1][2]

Levitation: Kojirō can levitate, hovering over earth and water. He usually levitates to aid in his meditation, but because of his small attention span, he still ends up falling as soon as a distracting thought comes over.[2]

Shingan Kaijōe: The Soul Eyes, ancestral ability of his tribe, allows Kojirō to see through illusions and find the real weak point of any enemy. As it requires the utmost concentration, Kojirō has troubles in using it until he can find the motivation in himself.[2]

Martial Arts Prowess: As for most Karasu-Tengu, Kojirō is able to fight with great proficiency, using his mystical abilities and a long staff (bō). Peaceful at heart, he fights only when he's pressed to do so.[2]


: In battle Kojirō wields a long wooden staff, called a Bō and can summon it at will. He uses it in combat to strike at his target.[1]

Bomb: A small black bomb that is thrown at his target and explodes upon contact.[1]

Telescope: Kojirō used it to view the humans touring the new Yōkai statues of Sakaiminato.[1]

Fan: In addition he uses a leaf fan.[2]



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