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The Kokon Tōzai Yōkai Daizukan (古今東西妖怪大図鑑, The Picture Guidebook of All Yōkai Everywhere), or Kokon (古今) for short, is a sentient picture book that contains information on yōkai that appears in the 2007 anime.


Kokon is a picture book considered to be a hidden treasure from the tengu that stores information on yōkai.


Kokon has a will. Kokon gets violent with strangers, and it is especially sensitive to ones with secret intentions. When it felt Nezumi-Otoko's secret intentions to use it for his own reasons, Kokon hit him multiple times and fled, angered.

When Kawauso, Neko-Musume, Medama-Oyaji, and Nezumi-Otoko found Kokon, it was hiding under a deck. It became afraid of Neko-Musume when she revealed her Bake-Neko face while trying to persuade Kokon to come out. Medama-Oyaji, who was small enough to fit under the deck, approached Kokon and was able to persuade it through his determination to save Kitarō. Kokon becomes fond of Medama-Oyaji and lifts him on top of itself, happy and understanding the situation.


2007 Anime

Kokon first appears along with Aobōzu in episode 17 of the 5th anime adaption, Wandering Priest Aobōzu.

Powers and Abilities

Information Recording: It is able to suck in rumors from the wind and automatically adds and updates information on yōkai.

Intent Sense: Kokon can sense secret or malicious intentions (as it did with Nezumi-Otoko).

Seal Creation: Kokon is able to create seals to use on yōkai.




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