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Japanese 子泣き爺
English Crybaby Geezer
Crying Old Man
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Age 3100
Height 140cm
Weight Anywhere from 25kg to 2 tons
Home Yōkai Apartments, GeGeGe Forest
Abilities Weight changing
Stone skin
Affiliation Kitarō Family
47 Yōkai Warriors
Other Information
Body type A rather large baby
Face type A drunken old man
Likes Sake
Closest friend Sunakake-Babaa
Marital status Ask Sunakake-Babaa
First Appearance
Manga A Walk to Hell (1961)
Anime Series 1 Episode 7 (1968)
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Anime portrayals

1st & 2nd

Unlike later adaptations, he and Sunakake-Babaa are not shown together as often. In the 2nd anime he is a recurring character and appears often with Sunakake-Babaa at the Yōkai Apartment. They began to fight alongside one another and are often arguing over trivial matters. Also in the 2nd anime he is shown to have a short temper.


His personality is mostly the same and he is shown to display some leadership skills behind Medama-Oyaji and Sunakake-Babaa. He has been friends with Sunakake-Babaa for a long time and they are very close. Konaki-Jijii even confesses his love for her in Ep. 107.


He is portrayed as far more easygoing, with several scenes of him playing dumb or goofing off. On the other hand, he is shown to be proficient with human devices like computers, whereas he wasn't in previous adaptations. As has become the norm, he and Sunakake-Babaa are close and often work as a team during battle.


He is a resident of Sunakake-Babaa's Yōkai Tenement House, where he is several hundred years behind on rent. In the 1st episode he says to Sunakake-Babaa that it is 300 years late, but she corrects him that it is actually 400 years. The two frequently squabble as always and Sunakake-Babaa scolds him more than previous adaptations. Konaki-Jijii usually responds to the scolding by throwing a child-like tantrum. He is still pretty goofy and also has a fetish for black hair. However, when they fought against the Western Yōkai he took things very seriously, and regularly showed great feats of strength. He is strong enough to win against both Frankenstein and Gorgon. Because of this, he became known as the "Western Yōkai Killer". He was later chosen as the Tokushima representative of the 47 Yōkai Warriors.


Live action films

Other media

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