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Konta (コン太 Konta) is a kitsune cub who appeared in the 1996 anime.


Konta is a small fox cub with brown fur with beige tipped tail, paws, belly, lower muzzle, and the inside of his triangular ears. He has four pairs of whiskers, a black nose and round eyes with tiny black pupils. His head is shaped like an onion bulb.


Although being young and small, Konta is kind and brave to betray and confront Hakusanbō to protect Akane after knowing his master was not planning to marry to the human girl, but to devour her.


1996 Anime

Konta was a servant of Hakusanbō.

Former Abilities

Human Speech: When he was under Hakusanbō, he was granted the ability to speak the human language, but he lost this when his former master was sealed.



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