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Korō-Bi (古籠火 Korō-Bi) is a fire Yōkai who inhabits Tōrō, stone garden lanterns.


Korō-Bi is a blue Yōkai with strands of hair across his body, a bulbous nose, plump pale blue lips, a pair of fangs on his upper and lower jaw, and long muscular arms with blue claws. His silver hair on his head juts out in different directions with matching bushy eyebrows around his circular eyes that have white sclerae, bright blue irises, and black pupils. Blue flames are present in place of his lower body. When enraged he grows in size and the flames lightly cover him.[1]



2018 Anime

Final Chapter: Nurarihyon Arc

Korō-Bi's Tōrō is broken when Rikako bumps into it, where she and her friend Mickey quickly leave, not long after he is released. Angered, he confronts the girls, whose screams alert Kitarō and the others. After being momentarily bound by Kitarō's Chanchanko, he flees into the forest. He finds the girls' friend, Ma-chan, where he chases after. The girl is shortly rescued by Ittan-Momen, where they land by a river. Korō-Bi manages to catch up to them and blasts a fireball at the cloth Yōkai. The others arrive, but Ittan-Momen insists to let him fight Korō-Bi, who blasts another fireball. He fires another one as Ittan-Momen charges after him, sending him into the river. This however regenerates him from the burns, who use the water he soaked up to douse him. This extinguishing the flames around him and shrinks him, making him come back to his senses. After Ma-chan's confession to Kawauso and subsequent chase, he asks Kitarō and the others about what he should do. Afterward, his Tōrō is restored and he thanks them, returning into the stone lantern.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Fire Manipulation: Being a fire Yōkai, Korō-Bi has powers over fire. When enraged his blue flames lightly cover his body. He is able to shoot fire balls from his mouth to attack his target.[1]


Korō-Ka is the name used in original lores.



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