Kuneyusuri (クネユスリ Kuneyusuri, lit. hedge shaker) is a small yōkai and a resident of the Kura-Bokko's Lost Home.


In the 1996 anime, Kuneyusuri is small pink imp with somewhat long fingers and mouse-like feet. He has red hair that spikes upward and has a widow's peak on his forehead. A small nose sits between his eyes, which are kept closed where has his grinning mouth bares his white teeth, lastly his ears are somewhat pointy.[1]

Within the 2007 anime, Kuneyusuri is a small orange imp with somewhat long feet. He has hair that is light gray in color and is slicked back, several locks of hair cover his ears. His eyes are rounded and have yellow sclerae with black pupils. Sitting between his eyes is a small nose with a sizable gap between it and his mouth.[2]


Kuneyusuri is a mischievous little Yōkai, giggling as it messes with the greedy humans who come to Kura-Bokko's Lost Home.


1996 Anime

Kuneyusuri appears in episode #87, Kura-Bokko's Lost Home.[1]

2007 Anime

Powers and Abilities

Wall Scaling: Kuneyusuri is able to walk on walls and ceilings with ease.[1]

Enhanced Strength: Despite his small size, Kuneyusuri is able to shake walls with relative ease.[2]

Area Manipulation: Kuneyusuri is also capable of manipulating an area, making his victims feel the room shake to its whim as it pushes the walls.[1]




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