Kura-Bokko (倉ぼっこ Kura-Bokko, lit. Child of the Warehouse) is a yōkai who usually inhabit warehouses.


Kura-Bokko is a small Yōkai cover in long, straight brown hair with three strands standing on top of his head. The only part of his face that is visible is eyes, which have white sclerae and small pupils. His skin is pale and is always carrying a pale green walking stick.



In the manga, he first appeared as part of a crowd in the story Fukkeshi-Babaa.

In Yōkai Sen Monogatari, saddened by the demolition of the warehouse he was living in, he begins sabotaging construction equipment. Kitarō helps him come to terms by reminding him of all the fun times he had with the father and daughter that used to live there. Kura-Bokko then decides to move into a newly built nursery.

1985 Anime

His first anime appearance was in the third series as a doctor at Mt. Osore Yōkai Hospital.

1996 Anime

Kura-Bokko appeared in the 1996 anime as the inhabitant of a lost village.

Powers and Abilities

Other Media

Akuma-kun: The Great Prophet Nostradamus

Kura-Bokko appears in Akuma-kun: The Great Prophet Nostradamus as a member of Shingo Yamada's Twelve Apostles, his position unknown.




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