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Kurage-no-Hinotama (海月の火の玉 Kurage-no-Hinotama, lit. jellyfish fireball), or Kurage-Bi (くらげ火 Kurage-Bi, lit. jellyfish flame), is a fire yōkai and a member of the Flame Yōkai Five.


Kurage-no-Hinotama's appearance is that of a large mass of light blue flames, with a head shaped similar to a bell, a long wavy body, and a short wispy tail, all in all, this makes him resemble a jellyfish. His face is composed of a pair of eyes with white sclerae and small black pupils, which is covered slightly by rough fringes of flames, a big nose, and a mouth. Surrounding his face is an intricate pattern that expands from the rest of his head to his body.[1]

Within the 2018 anime, Kurage-no-Hinotama appears as a small tan-colored flame spirit. His head is shaped like a jellyfish's bell and has a small wavy body. His eyes are rounded with a few lines underneath, tiny black pupils, and light yellow sclerae.[2] A different one later appears as a blue flame spirit, being puffier and has a pair of eyes with yellow sclerae and small black pupils.[3]



1985 Anime

He also makes appearances in episode 35, where he is a part of the Flame Yōkai Five along with Tsurube-Bi, Ubaga-Bi, Bake-Bi, and Tenka.[1]

2018 Anime

Kurage-no-Hinotama is among the many inhabitants of the GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai. He is later caught in an explosion.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Fire Manipulation: Being a fire Yōkai, Kurage-no-Hinotama is able to generate fire, having a body made up of the element in question. As such, he gets weaker if his flames are doused and stronger by absorbing more fire.[1]



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