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Kuro-Kamikiri (黒髪切り Kuro-Kamikiri, lit. Black Hair Cutter) is a yōkai who cuts hair with his teeth.


Kuro-Kamikiri appears as a large yōkai with black skin that has thick arms and legs. His face consists of a small nose, a pair of small circular eyes with tiny gray pupils and white sclerae and his mouth is filled with sharp, flat teeth that he uses to cut hair.[1]

In Series 3 Episode 6, a white-individual was seen.




Shinpen GeGeGe no Kitarō

Kuro-Kamikiri was kidnapped by Jeff.

The Battle of Mt. Atago

In Edo during 1683, Kuro-Kamikiri was tasked by Tarōbō to cut the hair off from girls' heads one after another.[2]

1996 Anime

Kuro-Kamikiri awakens sometime after Kihatsu had been released, having been sealed within a kokeshi doll as well. He fights her within a barber shop, but she manages to defeat him and escape, leaving him injured. He is brought by Kitarō and friends to the Yōkai Apartment, where he is taken care off. When he wakes, he explains his situation and his relation with Kihatsu. However he is still weak, so Kitarō and friends, sans Ittan-Momen and Yobuko who lack hair, decide to let him take some of their hair to regain his strength. When they confront her again they battle against her and he is able to free the people she had absorbed. He holds her, sacrificing himself to allow Kitarō to throw the Kiyome no Honō at her, both consumed in it flames.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Haircutting Teeth: Kuro-Kamikiri's teeth are sharp enough to cut hair, with enough power he is able to cut Kihatsu's hair to damage her and free her victims. He can gain energy by consuming hair.[1]




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