Kuro-Kihatsu (黒鬼髪 Kuro-Kihatsu, lit. Black Hair Demon) is a human-like hair yokai.


Kuro-Kihatsu's appearance is that of a slender young woman, with long black hair that obscures her eyes and reaches down to her legs. While possessing Rina, she wears a dark purple hoodie, dark green shirt, blue shorts, black shoes with grey, unkept socks.


Unlike Shiro-Kihatsu, she was born from the anger of women who were forced to cut their hair, thus she is very vengeful and aggressive.


Fifth Anime

She appears along with Shiro-Kihatsu in episode #37 of the fifth anime adaptation, Kitarō Defeated! Hatred of Kihatsu.

Powers and Abilities

Hair Knives: Kuro-Kihatsu is able form sharp knives from the tips of her hair.

Possession: She is able to possess humans, having done so to Rina, due to her strong hatred she was able to easily take her over.


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