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For the Yōkai Castle member, see Kamaitachi.

Kusa-Kamaitachi (草鎌鼬 Kusa-Kamaitachi, lit. Grass Sickle-Weasel) is a weasel-like yōkai.


Kusa-Kamaitachi has the appearance of a weasel, with green fur, a yellow belly, short ears, a bushy tail, and his most notable feature a pair of sickles for his forearms. He is much larger than an average weasel, comparable to that of a tiger. His eyes are yellow with small black pupils.[2]



Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

He appears as one of the Wonders of Hongo, and is subdued after being set on fire, and flees after revealing where Nurarihyon is holding Medama-Oyaji prisoner.

The Battle of Mt. Atago

In 1683, by Tarōbō's command, Kamaitachi caused sudden whirlwinds, sending the people of Edo into a panic.[1]

1985 Anime

He appears in episode #108 of the third anime adaptation, Kitaro Family Forever. He is instead defeated when Kitarō catches him with the Yōkai Ocarina's whip and slams him into a tree, exploding without revealing Medama-Oyaji's location.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Leaf Shuriken (葉手裏剣 Ha-Shuriken): He can shoot reed leaves as makeshift shurikens at his targets.

Sickle Hands: Being a Kamaitachi, he has sickles for hands that he uses to cut his targets.


Levitation: Kusa-Kamaitachi is able to fly in the air by levitating.


The Kamaitachi are weasels with strong and sharp claws that ride the swirling winds in the cold region of Kōshinetsu, consisting of Yamanashi, Nagano, and Niigata. The most common interpretation is that they are three individual weasels that travel together, knocking down, cutting, and healing their victims, leaving them confused over what had happened to them as they receive painful wounds that were not bleeding. This account can be traced back to Toriyama Sekien, who was presumably also the first to imagine the apparition to have the form of a weasel.



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