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Kushami-no-Sei (くしゃみの精 Kushami-no-Sei, lit. Sneezing Spirit) is a Chinese yōkai that serves Qi.[1]


Kushami-no-Sei is a small yōkai with a resemblance to a sneeze particle, he has a round, black body, a pair of horns, thin arms with five-digit hands, and legs with pointy tipped feet. His eye has green sclerae with a red iris that also lacks a visible pupil and purple eyelids surrounding it. Across his body are small hair-like appendages, making him resembles the western yōkai Backbeard.[1]


Kushami-no-Sei is a rude and impolite individual, where he enjoys taunting Neko-Musume and calling Sunakake-Babaa an old hag. However he is very respectful and loyal to his master, addressing him as "Qi-sama".[1]


1985 Anime

Kushami-no-Sei appeared in the third movie based on the third anime adaptation, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Saikyō Yōkai Gundan! Nippon Jōriku!!.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Fission: Kushami-no-Sei can split apart into four separate smaller bodies resembling sneeze particles with wide toothy mouths. They are able to latch onto his targets by biting on them.[1]

Enhanced Agility: Because of his small size he is very nimble, capable of jumping and backflipping from the heads of Qi's Troopers with ease.[1]

Levitation: He is able to hover in the air, just a few feet off the ground.[1]




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