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The Kushizashi-Nyūdō (串刺し入道 Kushizashi-Nyūdō, lit. Impaling Monk) is a villainous monk Yōkai.[1]


Kushizashi-Nyūdō has fair skin, a bald, egg-shaped head, pale lips, and a pair of thin eyebrows and mustache. His eyes have small thin pupils and pale yellow sclerae. He wears a navy-colored monk robe.[1]


He is fond of capturing creatures to make them his specimens and killing them. In the 1985 anime, he is very greedy, to the point that even Nezumi-Otoko calls him stingy.[1]



He tried to make a boy his specimen and fought against Kitarō. He tricked the yōkai boy and tried to impale Kitarō from behind. It was at this moment he was struck by lightning as his head acted as a lightning rod, and burned to death.[2]

1985 Anime

He was struck with Kaminari's lightning who was brought there by Ittan-Momen, and was then sealed away deep in a mountain.

Powers and Abilities

Kushizashi-Nyūdō detaching his head

Detachable Head: Kushizashi-Nyūdō is able to detach his own head, being able to move both his head and body. His head has a large needle extending below, where he can use to impale his targets. However, because his head is made of metal, he is conductible to electricity.[1]

Ability Theft: In the 1985 anime, he is capable of using the abilities of his specimens. Including a lizard's extendable tongue, a gecko's sticky feet, and a spider's thread. However, he loses their abilities if their souls are set free.[1]

  • Internal Electricity: After making Kitarō one of his specimens he gained the yōkai boy's power to use electricity.[1]

Undead Manipulation: He is able to summon from a nearby graveyard and command them to capture his targets.[1]


Needles: In the 1985 anime, he can summon multiple needles, throwing these at his targets to impale them.[1]

Special Drug: Kushizashi-Nyūdō uses a special drug that he made, capable of putting his victims in a dead-state, where their souls are kept in a separate room.[1]



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