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La Seine (ラ・セーヌ Ra Seenu), or Vampire La Seine (吸血鬼ラ・セーヌ Kyūketsuki Ra Seenu) is a French vampire who appears in the Shonen Magazine story Hand.





La Seine appears in the first chapter of the Shonen Magazine series, Hand. He utilizes the "latest in blood-sucking technology" to suck the blood of high-class women in Paris, which the media mistakes for some sort of new "bloodless" disease. He then moves to Japan with his minion Mammoth to drink the blood of Japanese women, but soon worries that Kitarō will learn about his deeds. He lures Kitarō out to a park and, when he shakes his hand, has Mammoth obliterate him with a machine gun, leaving only the hand La Seine was shaking. However, Kitarō's hand lives and follows them to their hotel room to haunt them. Eventually, La Seine and Mammoth run to another hotel, but the hand follows them there as well. They board up the room but the hand start to climb down the chimney. La Seine orders Mammoth to start a fire, but it grows out of control and spreads all over the room. La Seine tires to unlock the door, but it won't open because the hand is on the other side holding tight onto the knob. The two men burn to death in the fire while Kitarō relaxes in a field and waits for his hand to return.[1]

La Seine reappears in the Shinpen GeGeGe no Kitarō story Vampire La Seine. In this story he is acting out a plan to suck the blood of 1,000 beautiful women and plans to make a Japanese woman his 1,000th victim. With his Ultrasonic Teleportation Device, he goes from the Eiffel Tower to Tokyo Tower in an instant. He defeats Kitarō by having his legion of vampire bats suck his blood. He then transfuses human blood into Kitarō, weakening him and altering personality. La Seine then attempts to make Neko-Musume his next victim, but changes his mind after learning she is a yōkai. In retaliation, he tries to throw the depowered Kitarō out of Tokyo Tower, but Kitarō manages to destroy the Ultrasonic Teleportation Device with his geta, subsequently knocking La Seine out of the window instead. He offers to return Kitarō's blood in exchange for medical treatment, causing the bats of Japan to turn against him. The Kitarō Family also tell him never to return to Japan, so he reluctantly returns to France on an airplane.[2]

1968 Anime

La Seine appears in episode #4 of the first anime adaptation, Vampire La Seine.[3]

2018 Anime

La Seine appears in episode #57 of the sixth anime adaptation, The Bloody Noble La Seine. Following Backbeard's demise he becomes one of the generals of his army following the power vacuum. He goes to Japan along with Mammoth in order to gather blood to resurrect Backbeard on Carmilla's instructions. When Kitarō goes to investigate he has an encounter with La Seine whom easily defeats Kitarō and seals him in a magic stone.

Unfortunately for the vampire, he and his servant are constantly antagonized by Kitarō's chachanko, to the point that they even bury it in the sea, but prove unsuccessful and almost die in a fire staged by it. When Kitarō is set free, he battles La Seine once more, having learned of the vampire's fighting style is able to counter him with ease. Before La Seine can retreat he is attacked by Rei Isurugi who kills him and takes his soul. An enraged Mammoth tries to attack Isurugi but is kicked away.[4]


  • Advanced Blood-Sucking Technology[1]
  • Ultrasonic Teleportation Device: A special silk hat that allows La Seine to travel great distances in an instant.[2]
  • Transformation: La Seine can transform into a giant bat.[2]



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