Mabi (魔火 Mabi, lit. Demon Flame) are a type of fire Yōkai in GeGeGe no Kitarō. However, they are a type of Black-Akuma within Akuma-kun.


Mabi are disembodied heads that have a trail of fire flowing behind them. Their appearances vary from individual, resembling humans or animals, while their fire ranges in color coming in green, blue, or purple.[1]


Many tend to serve under owners that either transformed them into Mabi or hold their life source.<ref name="Ep87">



Five Black Dwarves were turned into Mabi, by Cuélebre under the command of Tōgaku Taitei, and were ordered to defeat Akuma-kun in order for their freedom. They controlled the Mandrake to attack Akuma-kun. After the Mandarake's defeat, Yurugu turned them back to Black Dwarves and they were sent back to Europe by Mephisto II.

2007 Anime

List of Yuki-Onna

Name Debut Series
Black Dwarves (Transformed; Formerly) Akuma-kun (1989)
Mabi GeGeGe no Kitarō (2007)

Powers and Abilities



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