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Mabyō (魔猫 (まびょう) Mabyō, lit. Demon Cat) is a cat yōkai.


In the manga, Mabyō resembles a cat with dark fur, a squashed nose, a bushy tail, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Additionally, he has eyes with thin slit pupils and unlike normal cats, can walk erect, due to being a yōkai. He is larger than most cat yōkai, where he is taller than a small building.[1]

In the 2018 anime, Mabyō appears relatively the same, appearing as an anthropomorphic cat with black fur, a long bushy tail, a squashed nose, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. In addition, his eyes have yellow sclerae and thin black pupils. While still very large, his size is relatively smaller than in the manga, being only a little taller than an human adult.[2]




Mabyō appears in the story, Mabyō.

Coming from England, Mabyō arrives in Japan possessing Kurozuka, a Japanese teacher who will teach at an elementary school in the countryside. He aims to make Japan his great empire by brainwashing the most exemplary students to quietly take control of Japan, using the children to gain key positions in government agencies. Unfortunately for him a lousy student, named Maruo Yokoyama, is able to see Yōkai and manages to see that his teacher is being controlled by Mabyō, discovering the cat for who he is. He asks Kitarō for help, which the Yōkai boy pretends to be Maruo, and tries to seal away the cat's soul but fails as Nezumi-Otoko is dazzled by the teacher. Upon his plan failing, Mabyō reveals himself and attacks Kitarō, who is unable to defeat the cat with his Getas and Chanchanko. Maruo detects Mabyō's nine souls, which are struck by Kitarō's Finger Guns. The cat dies and disappears, while Kurozuka is back to normal.[1]

2018 Anime

Mabyō appears in the 65th episode of the 2018 anime adaptation, Foundation!? Mabyō's Great Tottori Empire.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Nine Souls: Mabyō has nine souls scattered across points of his body, making him very formidable. If these areas are struck then his brainwashing is cancelled.[1][2]

Human Possession: In the manga, he is capable of possessing humans, using this power on the school teacher Ms. Kurozuka.[1]

Brainwashing: By moving his paws in a scratching motion beside his face, he can brainwash his targets into overtly loving the Tottori Prefecture. However, those who already love the prefecture above all else are immune.[2]

Shapeshifting: Mabyō is capable of changing his appearance into that of a human, having done so to assume the identity of Masashi Nozawa.[2]

Energy Wave: Mabyō can create a wave of purple energy at his target by slashing the air. It is strong enough to destroy a piece of a room's ceiling.[2]


Tottori Trance: A special concoction created using a combination of Mabyō's Yōkai power and the Tottori specialties, Matsuba crab, snow crab, Nijisseiki pears, and Ojo mackerel essence. According to him it is capable of putting people under his brainwashing, making them worshipers for his Great Tottori Empire.[2]




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