Mahi Mahi (マヒマヒ Mahi Mahi) is a Hawaiian shinigami.[1]


Mahi Mahi is a shingami with rough, pale purple skin, a pair of ears, a fat stomach, thin eyebrows, a long pencil mustache and short brown hair that curls upward. Much like other shinigami, he has a skull-like face, having empty holes where his cheeks and nose would be, his upper jaw has three large teeth and a prominent lower jaw. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt with short sleeves, four yellow buttons and pink hibiscus flowers are spread across it, teal shorts and blue sandals with yellow laces. He also has green tinted sun glasses and a lei made with yellow flowers around his neck.[1]



2007 Anime

He appears along with the other shinigami in episode #35 of the fifth anime adaptation, Shinigami's Paradise Tour.[1]

Powers and Abilities


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