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The Man-Eating Portrait (人食い肖像画 Hito-kui Shōzō-ga) is the physical incarnation of the emotions of an artist that appeared in the 1996 anime. It is neither yōkai nor a human spirit according to Medama-Oyaji, however the artist believes that it is his deceased mother, and thinks that feeding it with human blood and yōkai energy[1] would revive her.


It mainly has two forms besides mimicking a target, one is the fluid-like form and the other is a shadow-like, human-shaped figure.



1996 Anime

It became an entity when he used his own blood to draw his mother's portrait.

Powers and Abilities

Man-Eating Portrait feasting on Nezumi-Otoko

Artist's Will Power:It grows stronger as artist's grudge and obsessions grow. It endlessly devours bloods and spiritual energies, and it would not stop even if the artist would be defeated.

Artistic Dimension: It can create worlds of arts and drag humans and yōkai into it, and freely binds the victims.

Human Transmutation: In the artistic world, it can turn targets except their heads into paints on a wall.

  • Blood Sucking: It grows tentacle like parts from the front of it, and sucks bloods of the targets' faces.

Fluid Body



Binding: Its binding is similar to the sealing Kitarō used against Onmoraki.



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