Masako Nozawa
Masako Nozawa
Gender Female
Birthdate October 25, 1936
Occupation Voice Actor
Roles Kitarō (1968/1971)
Medama-Oyaji (2018)
Others (See below)

Masako Nozawa (野沢 雅子, Nozawa Masako, born October 25, 1936) is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo. She runs her own voice acting talent agency called Office Nozawa. In addition to her work in the Kitarō franchise, she is also best known for voicing Son Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise (as well as his sons, Gohan and Goten) and Tetsurō Hoshino in Galaxy Express 999.

She provided the voice of Kitarō in the 1968 and 1971 animes, as well as the Hakaba Kitarō anime. She also provided the voice for Kitarō's father, Medama-Oyaji, for the 2018 anime.

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