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Mashiro (真白 Mashiro, lit. Pure White) is a Yuki-Onna who appears in the 2007 anime. She is Aoi's childhood best friend.


Mashiro is a Yuki-Onna with a slender build, pale white skin, blue lips, long light blue hair that covers her left eye and reaches to her waist. Her right eye is shown to have a violet iris and was dilated. She wears a white kimono over a periwinkle nagajuban and has a long light blue obi tied around her waist.[1]



2007 Anime

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She appears in the seventh episode of the fifth anime adaptation, Burn! Medama-Oyaji. In this episode, it was revealed that she had a sister who fell in love with a human and even gave birth to a child. Since this was a violation of the clan's rules and their pride. Because of this, she was executed by Yuki-Nyūdo. Mashiro believed that it would have been better if her sister never loved humans at all, then passed away after being consumed by Jigoku's flames.[1]

Powers and Abilities



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